This policy covers how Progress Software collects, uses and protects the information it gathers through your use of the 2R Web sites and in connection with off-line communications. Specifically, 2R Software may collect this information from offline and online registrations and forms, communications and interactions, and sales inquiries and transactions. 2R Solution also may use third party sources, such as opt-in lists.

When you provide information to us via our Site, we protect it according to this Privacy Policy. We never share client’s idea to others and disclose product information to others. In case of needing we make formal NDA to keep all information secured. For source code of any product we ensure that we shall not share full or any part of coding to other product or projects. Also we ensure that we don’t use any materials or codes from others which we have no copyright. Any kind of graphics or materials developed for a specific project are under copyright of our client for whom the project is developed. We shall not disclose any materials or reuse on other projects.

Finally, we want you to know that it respects the privacy of your information and that you should be aware of how we handle it.

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